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Levent 199

Levent 199 is located on Büyükdere Avenue which is one of the most valuable and most prestigious area in Istanbul. Zorlu Group which creates a difference in its offices with its details prefers its own brand in office lightings. Linear sequence of the tables located in the offices ensure the use of linear lightings by adding these onto each other and thus an uninterrupted appearance is obtained.

Avea General Headquarter Building

Established in 2004, AVEA is a GSM company with 17 million subscribers as of the third quarter of 2015. It has an international roaming agreement with 693 operators in 205 countries. Current lightings used in the open offices of AVEA’s general headquarter building were replaced with LED panels and downlight fixtures to obtain higher lighting levels and extra saving is ensured with the adjustment property of the light level for the products with DALI automation at the same time. With DALI application, the system adjusts the light intensity of the panels to keep the lighting level in the environment fixed based on sunlight. Panels are kept open only in the sections with personnel present with motion sensors outside working hours. Lights are turned on automatically during the morning business hours and they are turned off automatically after business hours and on the weekends. Executive and meeting rooms are furnished with on-off-dim buttons on which the desired scenarios can be written and while they offer comfort to the user, they also provide saving. AVEA General Headquarter building has been granted with the American LEED Gold Certificate which represents leadership in energy and environmental design with the changes it has made in LED lighting products as well as realizing a first in Turkey by using DALI automation in its offices..


DenizBank has been established in 1938 as a state bank to provide financing for the Turkish marine industry that is still developing. It has 766 branches in total both in Turkey and abroad.

The new general headquarter building recently constructed on Büyükdere Avenue in Istanbul was furnished with custom manufactured linear light products in different dimensions in accordance with the interior space decoration. Linear products which were used for regional lighting of working spaces were supported with downlight fixtures that have a homogeneous lighting angle. In order to ensure a comfortable working environment for the employees, 3000K color temperature was preferred in the products. The feature which allows for the adjustment of lighting levels with DALI automation also ensures extra energy efficiency.


Halkbank is a state bank established in 1933 to provide easy and affordable loans to small and medium sized artisans and industrialists. Bank has started its activities in 1938. It has 900 branches in total.

Having set out on its journey with the slogan “Bank for a Manufacturing Turkey”, Halkbank has preferred LED lighting products manufactured in Turkey for its lighting needs. As the bank has transformed to LED lighting, panel and downlight products were preferred in the branches depending on the functions of the spaces.

Istanbul Subway

Istanbul Ulaşım A.Ş. established by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to operate urban rail systems in Istanbul operates 10 urban rail system lines which are 120 km long in total. Istanbul Ulaşım provides services for over 1,200,000 passengers every day. Existing conventional lamp fixtures found in the subways are replaced with LED panels and a comfortable visual area has been formed for the subway users.

Tuzla Municipality

Another municipality which prefers LED lighting in its buildings is Tuzla Municipality. LED panels were used in the offices of the additional service building, the construction of which started in 2011.

As a result of the lighting project carried out with 28W panels by the design team, homogeneous lighting that is in accordance with the standards have been provided for the employees. Along with the additional service building, transformation was realized with LED fixtures as equivalent to the existing fixtures for the main building.

Çağlayan Court House

Çağlayan Court House is comprised of 18 blocks next to each other with minimum 4 and maximum 19 floors. Total outdoors are is 343.000 m2. Court houses located in 11 different buildings moved in 2011 and they were combined under the name Çağlayan Court House.

In order to create a comfortable visual area at Çağlayan Court House where the conventional fixtures were replaced with LED armatures in 2014 and to ensure homogeneous lighting, LED tube, panel and downlight products were used.

Kartal Court House

Application project that is designed by Architect B. Haldun Erdoğan for Anatolia Court House was selected for the first place in the competition organized with the participation of five architects. In total, there are 297 court units at Anatolia Court house and the area of use is 360.000 m2.

Within the circulation areas where there are high numbers of visitors and personnel present, downlight products were used for homogeneous and efficient lighting.


Kuleli Military Highschool situated at the shore of Istanbul Bosphorus is one of the most famous military schools in Turkey. 6500K panels were preferred for the application which was made considering the lighting standards used in training areas.


The barracks constructed in 1828 after an order by Selim the Third in Üsküdar for the New Order soldiers is being used as the headquarters of the 1st Army Commander Post nowadays. The barracks is among the first structures which changed the traditional appearance of Istanbul within the Turkish architecture history. Panels and downlight products with homogeneous distribution of light were used across the entire building and primarily the classrooms and offices. Fixtures were preferred in 4000K color temperature to provide lighting close to sun light in the spaces.

Çağlayan Court House

Çağlayan Court House is comprised of 18 blocks next to each other with minimum 4 and maximum 19 floors. Total outdoors are is 343.000 m2. Court houses located in 11 different buildings moved in 2011 and they were combined under the name Çağlayan Court House.

In order to create a comfortable visual area at Çağlayan Court House where the conventional fixtures were replaced with LED armatures in 2014 and to ensure homogeneous lighting, LED tube, panel and downlight products were used.

Grand National Assembly of Turkey

The building which was built in Çankaya in 1961 and is home to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey which is the executive center of the country has been renewed after restoration works to catch up with the modern era and it is one of the most important state institutions that decided to allocate time and budget for LED transformation.

The additional service building which was opened in 2012 and lightened with LED fixtures is furnished with downlight fixtures that are equipped with DALI automation system.

Eyüp Municipality

Eyüp Municipality’s building designed in accordance with modern conditions will be opened for service during the first quarter of 2016. LED lighting products were preferred in this building designed based on present conditions for energy efficiency purposes. DALI smart automation systems are available for products such as panel and downlight used in the building.

Izmir Subway

İzmir Subway is the subway system that serves the third largest city in Turkey, which is Izmir. There are 17 stations on a single line of 20 kilometers.

Within the scope of LED fixture transformation at İzmir Subway stations, conventional lamps within the existing fixtures at passenger platforms were replaced with LED tubes to take the first step. Transformation to LED fixtures still continue at full speed.

Pilkington NSG

The Pilkington NSG Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of glass and glazing products for the automotive, architectural and technical glass markets.
With around 27,000 permanent employees, we have principal operations in 28 countries and sales in over 130. We operate in three main sectors.

In the offices of Dutch Headquarters of Pilkington NSG in Enschede, 2x24W CFL downlights were replaced with 21W Aluminium Diffused Downlights and 36Watt conventional fluorescent lamps were changed for 18Watt LED tubes.

Ephesus 165W, 128W, 68W, 47W street lights were supplied.

Vestel City

Vestel which has the largest production area at a single space in Europe manufactures several product groups ranging from white appliances to consumer electronics. Together with the success and experience in LED TV production, it was decided to use LED’s potential in lighting areas and the first fixtures started to be produced in 2011.

As a result of the studies, different lighting intensities ranging from 1000 lux to 200 lux in accordance with the required standards were obtained in warehouse and production areas that have ceiling heights ranging between 6 and 10 meters.


The company which is based in İskenderun was established in 1975. Different company groups within its auspices stand out with coal production along with metallurgy.

Conducting business within the metallurgy industry, High Bay products were used for Atakaş’s production facilities. Lighting design team carried out the required project applications by taking metal production and processing standards into account.


Established in 1965 to provide services for the pharmaceutical, dye, detergent and cosmetic industries, PETKİM is among the largest petro-chemical companies in the region.

High Bay products assembled at the center of the warehouses with a steel construction skeleton have elevated homogeneity to the highest level within the areas thanks to its winged structure and ensured the required standards.

Selva Pasta Factory

As one of the important pasta producers of Turkey since 1988 and operating within İttifak Holding, the pasta factory site that belongs to Selva Gıda has been refitted with lights by using Vestel LED Lighting products. 36W flourescent lightings used at the site within the scope of the Project were replaced with 18W, 120 cm Vestel LED Tube products. In total, 600 products were provided for the renewal of Selva Facilities with a daily production capacity of 210 tons. As a result of the changes made, a decrease up to 50% has been ensured in the energy expenses of the facility.


Providing services to more than 200 countries, Colgate has started its activities in Turkey in 1985. The factory located within Gebze Organized Industrial Zone has decided to apply LED transformation in 2015. High ceiling fixtures, etange and panel fixtures were preferred depending on different venue heights and functions at the production sites, warehouses and offices. Along with the lighting of the interior spaces, street fixtures were used for lighting the factory surrounding.


First established as a small bread, bakery and pasta shop in Parma, Italy in 1877, Barilla is one of the leading Italian food companies worldwide nowadays. Barilla has currently 43 production centers in total. Barilla has entered the Turkish market in 1994 and since 2004, it has made investments both to increase capacity and develop technologies at its production facility in Bolu.

One of these investments is the transition from the conventional fixtures used in the production areas to LED high ceiling fixtures. Adjustable modular structure of the high ceiling fixtures used in the project ensured that the light is directed in the required spaces.


One of the 38 production centers of Renault Group worldwide, Oyak-Renault has a production capacity of 360 thousand automobiles and 450 thousand engines annually. Bursa production facility is established on an area of 534.530 m2 which is comprised of 292.805 m2 indoor and 10.600 m2 green areas.

High ceiling fixtures and etange fixtures were used for interior lighting based on venue heights. Along with interior lighting, street fixtures used for the lighting of the surrounding area have ensured safe working environments.

Metal Nikel Kobalt

The first nickel-cobalt processing facility in Turkey established in Gördes, Manisa has started conducting business in 2015. Company continues to carry our search, processing, exportation, R&D and investment activities to ensure that our country’s nickel potential contributes to our national economy by making investments in nickel cobalt mining. Offices located at the facility are equipped with panel fixtures to ensure comfortable lighting whereas the site lighting is carried out by using projectors in different power and lighting angles directed towards the required areas. To light the roads inside the facility, street fixtures were preferred whereas for steel constructions, etange fixtures were used and a working environment has been established for the facility employees in accordance with the standards.


Şişecam Topluluğu is an industrial conglomerate conducting business at the international level with 19 production facilities in Turkey and 25 abroad, and 44 in total.

Fluorescent lamps used in the fixtures within production areas and offices are replaced with LED tubes. This way, Vestel has ensured that Şişecam Topluluğu has saved high levels of energy as its LED fixture supplier.


Starwood which carries out production on an area of 220 thousand m2 in total with 180 thousand m2 indoor areas in İnegöl, also renders services with its site established in Batum, Georgia on an area of 15 thousand m2 indoors.

Adjustable modular structure of the high ceiling fixtures that can be assembled onto the surfaces easily used in the project ensured that the light is directed in the required spaces.

Volvo Garage Bluekens Breda

Bluekens car company is the oldest Volvo dealer in the Netherlands with five branches in West Brabant. Bluekens Truck and Bus represents the brands Volvo, Renault and Iveco with five branches in West Brabant and Zeeland.

All conventional lighting system in workshop were replaced with 34W Panel Light 60×60.

Hankamp Gears

Hankamp gears exsist more than 100 years already. Hundred years active in machining several kind of materials. The last 50 years, Hankamp Gears focussed and specialized more and more in producing high quality gears and gear components with tight tolerances. From single components to mid size batch quantities, from component to complete (sub) assemblies, like complete gearboxes.

All offices were transformed from conventional fluorescent tubes to 28W 60×60 Panel Lights, plastic downlights with conventional CFL lamps were changed with 6”and 8”


As one of the leading companies within the home textile industry, Linens has 70 stores in 29 cities within Turkey and 21 stores in 8 countries abroad. Each store of the Company is situated on an area of 400 m2 on average.

In order to highlight the quality, texture and color of textile products in the best possible manner, fixtures with 4000K color temperature were preferred in all of the stores. For the shelves located on the wall, ray spots with narrow angle that are able to direct light were preferred, whereas linear lights that ensure homogeneous lighting should be placed between the shelves located in the central areas.


With over 600 stores in 38 countries and as one of the most important apparel brands of the country, Colins is preferred by customers of different ages. At the same time, it is among the primary apparel brands which emphasize innovativeness. Supporting this innovative structure with lighting products, Colins preferred LED transformation in 2013.

Tracklights which can be easily mounted to different height and surface types can be used as the main lighting element in Colins stores.


D&R which offers a wide range of products to its customers is the market leader within the industry with 147 stores in 26 cities across Turkey. Due to the diversity of products and different shelf types across the store, downlight fixtures were preferred to ensure homogeneous lighting in all shelves.


With its structure representing several supermarkets and retail industry and located in almost every city across Turkey, A101 has been growing more and more with each passing day and it is one of the companies that preferred LED transformation. As one of the few supermarket chains that offer express shopping options for the consumers, 6500K tape type fixtures with reflectors were preferred for A101 in accordance with this concept. High performance LED tubes were used for these fixtures to ensure improvement with regard to energy saving.


Adese provides services to more than 35 million customers annually with 148 grocery stores in 8 cities and more than 2600 employees. The branches of the Company have a sales area over 400 m2. Panel and downlight products were preferred within the markets custom designed to be placed between wide shelves and to ensure that all shelves and stands are homogeneously lightened.

Eve Shop

It is a new chain of personal care stores that is customer-oriented and set out on its journey within the cosmetics industry with the slogan “Smart way of personal care”. The application made based on store lighting standards included the use of panel and downlight products and homogeneous lighting was ensured.

Altunbilekler Supermarket

Altunbilekler supermarket chain which opened its first store with the name Altunbilekler in 1994 has close to 70 stores as of 2013. Panel and downlight products were preferred within the markets custom designed to be placed between wide shelves and to ensure that all shelves and stands are homogeneously lightened.

Burger King

Having started its activities in Turkey as part of TAB Gıda in 1995, Burger King renders services with close to 600 restaurants across Turkey.

Fixtures suitable for the properties and requirements of the space within restaurant and service areas were selected and panel downlight and parking light fixtures were used in the project. Burger King has not only preferred LED fixtures but it has also replaced conventional lamp fixtures within its existing branches with LED fixtures.


Apart from 385 stores in Turkey, Mavi has stores in a number of important cities across the globe and it is one of the leading companies within its field. Moreover, it is considered as one of the most important 16 jean brands across the globe. Emphasizing comfort and relaxation with neutral colors used in the interior decoration of the stores, Mavi preferred to preserve the brand image with 3000K light color used during the LED transformation.

Vs. Outlet Stores

Established in 2012, Vs. Outlet which is the first and only electronics and white goods outlet store in Turkey continues to render services to cities across Turkey with its online sales website. Several brands with superior quality and wide product range meet under the umbrella of Vs. Outlet with the guarantee provided by Zorlu Holding.

Existing fluorescent lights inside the fixtures at the stores were replaced with LED tubes to increase the lighting level and to ensure high levels of energy efficiency.


Mudo Concept started its adventure within the industry in 1964 with a 12 m2 store in Beyoğlu’s Fitaş Arcade. Providing services in 26 cities with 115 stores, Mudo Concept’s largest store across Turkey is the 5.700 m2 store at Ankara Panora Shopping Center.

Dark colors and grey tones used in the decoration of the interior spaces within the stores were taken into account and black ray spots were used on black ray, while the fixtures are directed towards the shelf surfaces on the walls and stands in the middle sections. In order to highlight the quality, texture and colors of the products, fixtures with 4000K color temperature were preferred.

Polvo Holtgrefe Veghel

Polvo bv is part of Pallieter Group and contains a range of about 10 wholesalers in DIY with 36 stores throughout the Netherlands. Polvo is located in Zevenbergen but operating in the Dutch regions south, west and east.

Zorlu Center

Built as the first mixed use project with 5 functions in Turkey, Zorlu Center is comprised of Performance Arts Center, Shopping Mall, hotel, office and residences. With a total investment of 2.5 billion US Dollars, Zorlu Center hosts numerous famous brands and stores.

Zorlu Group preferred to use its own brand again in this living space which is rewarded with several architectural awards such as the “Best Planned Project Award” and “Greenwood Design” and it has selected its own brand Vestel in all of the areas from interior lighting to landscaping and from frontal lighting to decorative lighting.

Raffles Hotel

Providing services since 1887, Raffles Hotel has opened its third branch in Europe and first branch in Turkey at Zorlu Center. Standing out with the chicness of the interior decoration, Raffles Hotel uses downlight products with 3000K color temperature and with reflector and narrow angle.

Olivium Shopping Center

Having opened its doors to the visitors first on 01 April 2000, Olivium Outlet Shopping Center has been the first and only outlet in Istanbul for a long time. For the Shopping Center located in Zeytinburnu, LED transformation project has been carried out.

As a result of the transformation project carried out with LED downlight products, it is foreseen that the fixtures will help save TRY 756,000 throughout their lifetime.

Holiday Inn

The first of Holiday Inn hotels was established in 1952. It has 1205 branches in total worldwide with 223,378 rooms.

The rooms are equipped with downlight fixtures used in circulation areas and common use areas which has enabled the hotel to create relaxed and comfortable spaces for its customers. Fixtures were preferred in 4000K color temperature to provide lighting close to sun light in the spaces.

Kiptaş Vaditepe Houses

It is an enterprise of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality restructured in 1994 after obtaining the tradename İstanbul Konut İmar Plan Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. Its primary duty is to provide solutions for the unplanned urbanization in Istanbul and KİPTAŞ has completed its establishment in 1995 to start conducting business.

Vaditepe which is comprised of approximately 4000 flats of different sizes, also includes commercial areas of 25,000 m2. Downlight fixtures have been used in the circulation

Doğa College

Doğa College which was established in 2002 has 105 points of education across Turkey as of 2015. Doğa College which is known for its ambitions on educational technologies and principles of environmental sensitivity has realized energy saving within the lighting area by preferring LED transformation.

During the transformation which was carried out in 8 schools in total within 6 different cities in Anatolia, LED panels and downlight products were used in educational spaces.

Izmir College

Izmir College which has started offering education since February 2013 is a school that attracts attention with a board of directors with 44 members who have had education related experience for years in various locations across Turkey.

Products such as panels and downlight have been used in the classrooms and corridors for two separate buildings and a kindergarten building of Izmir College. Projectors were preferred for environmental lighting.

ASO Technical College

Having met with its students during 2012-2013 academic year, Private Ankara Chamber of Industry Anatolian Technical Highschool (ASO Technical College) aims to carry the torch in its journey of education which it has started in Ankara to all four corners of Turkey.

In order to create comfortable studying and leisure areas for the students, panel and etange fixtures with 4000K color temperature were used based on the requirements of the spaces and ceiling types.

Acıbadem University

Acıbadem University is a trust university founded in 2007. Acıbadem University aims to train innovative personnel who can use technology, create scientific results and possess superior levels of knowledge to close the current gap in our country within the field of medical sciences.

Memorial Hospitals

Having admitted the first patient in 2000, Memorial has 10 hospitals and 3 medical centers offering services in different cities across Anatolia and mainly Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir. Memorial preferred LED transformation in its hospitals located in Ankara and Diyarbakır as well as the hospitals siuated in the towns of Şişli, Bahçelievler and Ataşehir within Istanbul. LED panels and downlights were used in service areas, corridors and circulation areas during the applications that were made.

Mersin University Hospital

“Health Research and Application Hospital” located at Mersin University’s Çiftlikköy Campus with 638 beds and an area of 100.000 m2 started to offer healthcare services at its new building as of 2014. Street fixtures used around the hospital create secure environments for the patients and patients’ visitors and panel fixtures preferred for interior lighting have created spaces that are in compliance with the standards.

Medipol Hospital

Opened for service in 1996, Medipol Hospital is one of the leading private healthcare institutions within the Anatolian part of Istanbul with an indoor area of 8000 m2, 33 clinics, 20 intensive care unit beds, 6 operation rooms and luxury patient rooms.

Patients’ comfort and functions and lighting requirements of the spaces have been taken into consideration within the hospital and panel and downlight fixtures have been used.

TAV Esenboğa Airport

Providing services for approximately 40 thousand passengers daily, 280 airplanes arrive at and depart from Ankara Esenboğa Airport daily on average and services are rendered for approximately 20 airline companies from different locations across the world. Having started providing services with a capacity of 20 million passengers first in 2006, Ankara Esenboğa Airport Domestic and International Terminal is established on an area of 182 thousand m2.

After deciding to replace existing conventional type fixtures with LED fixtures, fluorescent lamps at Esenboğa Airport were replaced with LED tubes and compact fluorescent lamp downlights were replaced with LED downlights to ensure high energy efficiency.

TAV Istanbul Atatürk Airport

Terminal opened for service in 2000 was expanded with the additional facility built in 2004. With a study conducted in 2006, Domestic Lines Terminal was modernized with new technological systems and subject to a renewal process which covers the external appearance as well. Istanbul Atatürk Airport utilized by more than 1200 airplanes on a daily basis provides services for over 150 thousand passengers every day.

Existing conventional lamp downlights at the Airport were replaced with LED downlight fixtures custom produced for the airport.

TAV Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport

İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport International Terminal covers an area of 118 thousand m2. TAV Airports completed İzmir Adnan Medrese Airport’s new Domestic Lines Terminal in 2014 with an investment of 266 million Euros and the terminals were connected to each with a bridge system similar to Istanbul Atatürk Airport. Downlight fixtures were used in the areas where visitor use was higher within the new Domestic Terminal, street fixtures used in the exterior lighting of the airport provided a more secure lighting option.

Turkish Engine Center

Turkish Engine Center is a company established with the partnership between Turkish Technic and one of the world’s leading airplane engine manufacturers Pratt & Whitney.

LED transformation project was carried out for the facility which has an indoor space of 23,000 m2 and the construction of which was completed in 2009 at Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

During the application of the Project, lines where the existing fixtures were assembled had been preserved and High Bay fixtures were installed on these lines. The application which was realized with the support of the technical team was conducted in light of standard protection levels (IP) required and actions were taken against security threats that might be formed.

Sabiha Gökçen CIP

LED lighting products were preferred for the special passenger hall at THY’s Sabiha Gökçen Airport which has a seating capacity for 146 people on an area of approximately 800 m2.

Lighting design specially prepared for the panel and downlight provide the opportunity to spend comfortable and relaxed time for the passengers prior to their flight.

TAV Milas - Bodrum Airport

Milas – Bodrum Airport International Terminal covers an area of 95.927 m2. Domestic Terminal on the other hand is built on an area of 14.686 m2. As one of the busiest airports in the Aegean region in Turkey, Milas-Bodrum Airport was opened for international traffic in 1997.

Suitable fixtures from downlight and High Bay families were selected for the areas at different heights across the airport. While the High Bay family with adjustable modules was used in areas with high ceilings, adjustable modules ensured that the light is directed to the areas deemed necessary.

Open Cruzcampo the fifth most important tennis Championship in Spain

Located in Cordoba, ( South Spain ) , The Open Cruzcampo will go from the seventh championship in 2017 to the fifth, just behind the Madrid Master 1,000, the Barcelona Open 500 (Conde de Godó) and the Copa Sevilla and El Espinar championship (Segovia ). The best ITF ( Federación Internacional de Tenis, International Tennis Federation ) important players will be present in the event.

We replace 28 Mercury Vapor Lamp x 400W with 24 VESTEL Hi Bay 172 W which the total power consumption decreases from 11.200 W to 4.128 W. It means over 60% SAVING 550 lx in tennis court.

Palma del Río

Palma del Río, is a Tourist village placed between Cordoba and Sevilla city, is known for two things, for its orange, and for being the birthplace of great bullfighters, among them the Cordobés, the Palmeño, the Barquillero, the Niño de Palma , etc. It also stands out as the birthplace of great Flamenco singers (Antonio José) . More of 30.000 habitants.

The pedestrian street of the village has been illuminated by VESTEL with the model GARDEN POLE 29W.

Nicosia LED Transformation

As the first stage of the LED lighting transformation tender organized by Turkish Cypriot Electricity Institution, 10 thousand road fixtures in the Nicosia area were replaced by Vestel which has been approached by the officials of KIBTEK.

There are 70,000 road fixtures to be replaced across TRNC. As a result of the meetings held pursuant to the first stage, the authorities will indicate their company preference for the remaining 60,000 fixtures. After all of the fixtures have been replaced with LED versions, TRNC will save 24.2 million kWh and 10.8 million TRY per year.

Eskişehir Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Avenue LED Transformation

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Avenue where important buldings such as the stadium, hospital and governorship are located at the city center was subject to a LED transformation. 53 high pressure, sodium vapor lamps that consume 220W energy were replaced with road fixtures and Ephesus LED road fixtures that consume 128W energy.


1321 sodium vapor street lighting were subject to a LED transformation at Manisa Organized Industrial Zone (MOSB) where 213 enterprises operate on 960 hectares. It is envisaged to save up to TRY 215,000 annually from the road lights transformed with Ephesus products.


İSTOÇ Commercial Center is a cooperative that wholesale merchants of different professions operating in Eminönü have established. Hosting more than 6 thousand stores on an area of 1 million 100 thousand m2 and 38 km long roads, mercury vapor street fixtures located inside İSTOÇ were replaced with LED street fixtures to make the streets more secure and better enlightened. Fixtures which were installed 2 years ago have saved 826,287 kWh, 356,566 TRY and the first investment costs were covered.